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There are many variances to corporate shares and challenges associated therewith, which makes your being a shareholder a frequently complex and arduous task. Even the simplest of distinctions can present considerable challenges to a shareholder. And with each of these particular shareholding issues that are both business and legal considerations that need to be dealt with by each of the parties to address these specific nature of the shareholding issue and how it can impact them and their interest / investment in the company. As for just a few of the shareholding issues that need to be considered and dealt with at the inception of the corporation and throughout its operation and multi-faceted challenges, we have sought to look into a number shareholder issues that can be of considerable consequence to your corporate investment.

Public Shares versus Private Shares

Majority Shareholders Objectives

Minority Shareholder Interest (protecting against oppression)

Investing in Shares (investing the right way)

Incorporation and Share Designation/Allocation

Shareholders Meeting (Notices and Documentation)

Shareholder Arguments

Shareholders Disputes

Shareholder Dissension / Deadlock

Shareholder Non-Contribution

High-Potential Prospective Shareholders

Bringing on New Shareholders

Fifty-Fifty Shareholder Dynamics

Retiring Shareholders

Deceased Shareholder

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Public v PrivateMajorityMinorityInvestingCreationMeetingsArgumentsDisputesDissensionNon-ContributionHigh PotentialNew ProspectFifty-FiftyRetiringDeceased


What is a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement?

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