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Planning and conducting an effective shareholders meeting is important to advancing shareholder rights.

Corporate shareholders face many legal challenges in their ongoing efforts to maximizing the realizable value of their corporate shareholding. Given the extent of one's investment in a particular company, the ramifications of an undervalued corporation or illiquid company shares (without proper exit strategies), can be financially devastating for many investors. Attempting to guard against such scenarios, and remedy them where necessary, requires legal counsel experienced and knowledgeable in shareholder law.

Shareholder law begins at the company's incorporation and may be advanced by all the shareholders entering into a unanimous shareholders agreement (which provides the basis for the company's operations and shareholder exit strategies). Shareholders will thereafter be involved directly in the company (in a closely held business) or through shareholder notices and meetings. And unfortunately, since all things do not operate smoothly, both majority shareholder rights and minority shareholder interests can be adversely impact, such that shareholder disputes do arise.

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What is a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement?

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