Investing in Corporate Shares

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Investing in shares is not without risk. All such investments have the potential to result in the loss of all or some of your financial contribution thereto. As such, professional investment advice is always recommended.

Prior to investing in shares, it is advisable to consider your own investment profile and your rationale for undertaking this particular investment. Reasons for investing may include:

- you are seeking regular dividends that rise steadily every year and as such are looking for income stocks;

- you have less need for income and instead are focused on the capital gain and as such are looking for growth stocks;

- you are looking to buy shares for a specific purpose such as your child's education and as such are highly risk averse and therefore will be looking towards more solid, reliable stocks in the stock exchange; or

- you may have excess or surplus cash available and therefore are more prepares to assume additional risks in your stock investments given the prospect of a higher return on your investment.

Each of these scenarios requires a different investment approach. This requires knowledge and research on your own and from your investment broker. You should never rely exclusively upon your broker's word, instead you should obtain supporting research materials from your broker - reviewing this documentation and retaining it for future purposes. Should you have any questions with a particular stock choice, you should immediately inquire into that particular recommendation and record the rationale provided by the broker. If you are uncomfortable proceeding with the recommendation, simply advise the broker not to proceed. And should you proceed, retain all the investment materials provided to you by the investment broker, as they will be necessary should you subsequently seek up to challenge the veracity of that investment recommendation.

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