Shareholder Disputes

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The reality is that shareholder disputes do happen and lawyers are called upon to attempt to resolve such conflicts. Where there is a shareholders agreement, there is a blue print through which the shareholders can attempt to resolve their disagreement. Without a shareholders agreement, the hurdles to reaching a settlement become far more contentious, thus increasing the prospect of court litigation (or alternatively mediation and arbitration). Shareholder disputes can take on many forms, including:

- shareholder changes, whether medical (i.e. bipolar, schizophrenia), personal (i.e. divorce, drugs, alcohol, gambling), or pure and simple greed and dishonesty

- minority shareholder freeze-outs / squeeze-outs

- post buy-out disputes - breach of fiduciary duty

- attacks against ownership and/or management

- self-dealing to the detriment of the company and other shareholders - minority shareholder interests (oppression remedies)

- derivative lawsuits by shareholder on behalf of the corporation

- excessive executive compensation claims

- share valuation issues and shareholder appraisal rights

- disapproval of share transfers

- corporate deadlock disputes

- problems resulting from a shareholder's death or disability

The reality is that even though the shareholders may have been on the same page on day one, people change and situations change over time, such that disputes can arise from relationship that previously seemed like the 'perfect fit'.

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