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Incorporating your business correctly requires more than simply paying a low price incorporation mill to generate a generic, overly-simplified business incorporation. True, your business will now be incorporated in the simplest of forms, however that simplicity will not necessarily position your business to optimize the potential available from more sophisticated corporate planning. But then again, you get what you pay for, so you really need to ask yourself if your business isn't worth the additional legal costs associated with incorporating with the right legal professional who understands the importance of designing the appropriate corporate and share structure for your business and developing the optimal unanimous shareholders agreement.

Incorporation means a re-modelling of all of your business' legal relationships - from business partners and investors to financial institutions to governmental and regulatory agencies to contractors and employees to landlords to creditors. Your arrangements with each of these parties will take on a new form, often due to legal imperatives, but also from a practical perspective as they are now dealing with a corporate entity as opposed to an individual or group of individuals. How the corporation is structured and how it will operate, goes a long way towards how those relationships will be redefined and how the principals will be able to guide the corporation forward. As such, the corporation should not necessarily be structured on the basis of a simplified template, but on the basis of the specifics of the business, its principals, its investors and its future business aspirations; because, then and only then, will the corporation be able to serve its true function - to be the foundation from whence long term business prosperity is achieved.

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What is a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement?

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