Derivative Actions

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Addressing harm being inflicted upon the company.

Shareholder derivative actions / lawsuits are instituted by individual or institutional shareholders acting as a representative plaintiff, takes legal action on behalf of the corporation. The shareholder derivative action is typically brought against insiders of the company, such as the executive officers, directors, and/or board members, who are suspected of misconduct or other acts that cause harm to the corporation. A shareholder derivative action allows shareholders to redress harm to the corporation caused by management where it is unlikely that management will redress the harm itself. By filing a shareholder derivative action, a single shareholder may be able to compel changes that otherwise might not happen at the company, such as shareholder-receptive corporate governance reform, removal of directors and/or officers whose misconduct adversely impacted the company, and monetary payments in the form of damages and/or restitution for inappropriate gains / excessive compensation.

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