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Do you really know what your unanimous shareholders agreement says and doesn't say. Given the reliance on generic shareholder agreements and lawyers who lack an in-depth knowledge of the business ramifications of shareholder agreement clauses, far too many corporate officials agree to contractual agreements that are not only grossly inadequate, but downright dangerous. This is not an overstatement of the situation, but the stark reality as to the preponderance of unanimous shareholders agreements.

With over 15 years of legal experience in reviewing and drafting unanimous shareholders agreements, combined with a perceptive business approach to the analysis and development of those agreements, we provide unparalleled review services of unanimous shareholders agreements. And unfortunately corporate shareholders really need those services, given how inadequate most unanimous shareholders agreements are. Instead they are given a false sense of security since another lawyer drafted the agreement, even though in all likelihood it was merely a copied template that they received, which shows little more that than replace names and shareholdings.

At Neufeld Legal PC, we operate from a long term business perspective and work to construct a highly particularized agreement that reflects what the corporate shareholders really want and need. This applies to both the review and the construction of unanimous shareholders agreements, making all the difference with respect to the company's operation and future.

For knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in negotiating and drafting a shareholders agreement that advances your business interests and those of the corporation, contact us at or as follows:

Calgary, Alberta: 403-400-4092 (admission: Alberta Law Society)

Toronto, Ontario: 416-887-9702 (admission: Law Society of Upper Canada)

New York City: 646-681-4491 (admissions: New York State Bar, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York - United States District Court)


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